Pain Vs. Dis-Ease


Although chiropractors want to help relieve your pain and discomfort, after all, we're committed to the preservation of health and life in all people; we're more concerned with future impending problems due to a decreased electrical flow in the body. All of our experienced team members at our Alpharetta GA, Cumming GA, Dahlonega GA, Hickory Flat GA, Johns Creek GA, and South Canton GA locations share this concern for the body's electrical flow.

As nerve pressure occurs in the spine, the electrical energy flow is decreased to the corresponding body part. If you will look at the following chart, you'll see the relationship of your spine to the various parts of your body. Remember, the life of every cell in your body depends on the electrical flow of energy from the brain via the spinal cord and nerves.

Chiropractic South Canton GA Autonomic Nervous System Poster

Every cell or organ of the body is designed to receive a specific amount of electricity. If there is spinal nerve pressure, it will produce less than adequate electrical flow (nerve flow) going to that body part. This decreased electrical flow will make that body part in a lack-of-ease, dis-ease, or diseased state.


If you take a light switch in your home, there is a constant flow of electricity to that light switch. The switch controls the amount going only from the switch to the light.

If you put a dimmer switch on a fluorescent light, the decreased electricity will burn out the fluorescent light fixture because fluorescent fixtures are not designed for a decreased amount of electricity. The same goes for your body parts.

Each cell, organ, and body part is designed to be maintained with a set amount of electricity. If there is a decrease in this flow from the brain, due to nerve pressure, the individual is going to experience problems with the corresponding body part. Pain is the last part of any disease process.

As with most pathologies (cancer included), pain is the last phase of the disease process. When pain occurs, the decreased nerve flow or spinal misalignment was there for a long time. Pain may seem to happen after a wrong turn, lifting, bending, etc., but, in reality, the problem (nerve pressure) was there before this time. It was this unfortunate event that only brought it to the person's attention.

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