How Chiropractic Helps


The chiropractor is trained to identify where the nerve pressure occurrs that is causing the interference with the electrical flow in the body. With gentle adjustments to the bones that are out-of-place, the chiropractor is able to restore the healthy flow of life to the body. Without this re-alignment, the patient will suffer from pain and other future diseases as well. The teams at our Alpharetta GA, Cumming GA, Dahlonega GA, Hickory Flat GA, Johns Creek GA, or South Canton GA locations are equipped to provide you access to quality adjustments.

If the decreased electrical flow (nerve flow) has previously occurred for an extended period of time, the chiropractor may refer the patient to the appropriate health care practitioner to co-manage the disease or condition that has set in. This is why many patients consider the chiropractor to be the Gate Keeper of their health care.

On the following chart, locate where you may be experiencing discomfort and identify the area of the spine or body that relates to your condition. Remember, if there is a decrease in the nerve flow for a long enough period of time, that portion of the body will become dis-eased or die. If the nerve supply is normalized by a chiropractic adjustment (realignment), normal function returns to the body part.

Chiropractic Hickory Flat GA Spinal Nerve Distribution

Did you locate the area or areas of your body that are painful?
Did you trace the nerves from these areas back to the spine?

Remember it's the pressure on these nerves by misalignments of the spine that are likely to be the cause of your pain.

After completing various physical examinations, your chiropractor will be able to determine if spinal misalignments (subluxations) are the cause of your health problems.

Some healing methods strive to cover up, relieve, or deaden symptoms like pain. Although the pain may be temporarily relieved, the main underlying problem is still the diminishing life and health of the individual. Instead of just relieving your pain or discomfort, chiropractors find and remove what is causing the problem. Once this has been done, the recuperative power of your body will rebuild your health.

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